The Home of Your Dreams is Out There

June 5, 2014

When you buy a home, you make a huge change in how you live with and interact with your place of residence. Back when you were younger and you merely rented a home or apartment, the design and shape of your domicile wasn’t all that important to you; you were going to move out soon anyway, and after all, it wasn’t that expensive to live there.

When buying a home, however, you lay down a huge chunk of change and typically agree to pay a mortgage for several years before you ever truly own your home. You want to make sure that it is worthwhile – which is why so many people choose to have their home built from the ground up, a slightly more expensive but often more rewarding alternative to simply buying a home that is already built.

Why a Model Home?

Unless you have the money, time, and vision to hire an architect to custom-design your home, then you are probably going to base your home’s design on a pre-existing model. There are plenty of models to choose from; don’t worry. You can and will find the home of your dreams among the many blueprints that home builders like Custom Home Group offers.

Of course, blueprints alone are often not enough; it is often best to actually visit model homes to get a feel for what the home will actually be like to live in, something that a mere drawing can never really give you. For example, you can actually visit the Wilmington or Savannah models, exploring every nook and cranny of those homes to get some idea as to whether or not they are really for you.

Get Your Priorities Straight

One way to help you choose a home design is to get your priorities straight. First, determine what your lifestyle is like, and use that to determine a floor plan that best suits that lifestyle. The layout of rooms, the size of rooms based on your family’s size (or however big you plan for that family to be), and the grouping of bedrooms and bathrooms will all play a role in how you go about your daily life.

If any of these elements of the floor plan are not “up to snuff” for you, then you may quickly outgrow or grow tired of your home. Sadly, with a mortgage, you’ll be stuck until you can pay it off! Thus, it’s best to simply get the home right the first time around.

Do you entertain guests and extended family regularly? Then you should consider a home with a large foyer and entertaining space. Do you need special accessibility functions or other specialized elements for your floor plan? These and more are factors you must consider when choosing a home design. Remember: this is the home you will live in for years to come. Be certain to choose one that you will enjoy without regrets (or the cost of large future improvements)!