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How Colors Affect Our Emotions: Dark Colors At Home

by CustomHomes on Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Color psychology has become an influential force in determining decorative color schemes in your home decor.  Research as revealed that different colors affect our moods and emotions in distinctively different ways. When the right colors are used in decorating the home your home can be an extremely therapeutic environment. However, the wrong color scheme can create darkness and depression.

Color psychology and therapy is not as new of concept as you may believe. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions have used color therapy as part of treating patients for years. Below are some common colors and a basic explanation of how they impact emotions and moods in the home. The greatest emphasis will be placed on darker colors.


Red can be a color that provokes aggressive behavior if it is not complimented right. It is associated with war, hatred, strength, danger, determination, passion, love, and appetite stimulation.


Pink signifies friendship, love and romance. It generates a more passive state of mind

Dark Red

Dark red is closely associated with anger, leadership, rage, courage, malice, and wrath.


Blue is a color worth giving some serious consideration to. Generally blue is considered to promote stability and depth; symbolizing loyalty, trust, confidence, intelligence, truth, faith and wisdom.

Blue creates a calming effect. Because of the clean feel given off by blue, it is a common color for bathrooms. Blue is also considered to be a masculine color that is often used for boy’s bedrooms or in game rooms. It also has an incredible tranquil impact; making it a great color for adult bedrooms as well.


Purple is the combination of the stability you find in blue and the passion and stimulation that you find in red. It is symbolic of spirituality, power, luxury and nobility. It has the capacity to bring balance. Purple is also associated with dignity, wisdom, independence, mystery, and creativity.

The thing to note about any of these colors is that too dark a shade tends to set a gloomy or sad atmosphere.

Black is unique it that it provides an aura of power, authority and works great as a contrast or accent to other colors.

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