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How Colors Affect Our Emotions: Earth Tones At Home

by CustomHomes on Monday, October 7, 2013

It has become common for interior designers and homeowners to use color psychology to assist in determining the color scheme in a home. Color psychology has been used for years as a form of therapy in treating patients with depression and mood instability. It has been proven that colors have a direct impact on the balance and stimulation of emotions.

The times in which home d├ęcor and color were considered a simple matter of aesthetics are a thing of the past. Careful consideration is given to what colors are used in specific rooms. Depending on the mood that you are attempting to set in a particular room as well as how much time will be spent in that room will determine the color scheme you want to use in that room.

This article will briefly focus on the impact and uses of earth tone colors in the home.

Colors are a universal language that is nonverbal, but extremely powerful.

Earth Tones

Earth tone colors are usually considered to be friendly, contemporary and inviting. They are a mixture or tonalities of more bold and brassier colors such as orange, red, green, yellow, purple, and blue. Earth tones are also considered to be more appeasing and functional.

Earth tones are warm, reassuring and settling.

Room Setting

Earth tones are most commonly used in common areas that are frequented a lot, such as living rooms and family rooms. It provides a warming and inviting mood that does not place individuals on an extremely high keel, and it does not make the room somber.

The right mixture of earth tones has the power to create a utopian environment. Colors such as orange and yellows, as well as different shades of brown have the best impact on a room.

Earth tones vary a great deal, and finding the right combination for your home may require a bit of experimentation, but you will definitely want to include earth tones in some of the areas in your home. The key is not to become too rigid in making your selection; allow the color to move you and set your mood, then make a decision from there.

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