How To Achieve The Perfect Mudroom

May 29, 2013

When designing your custom home or contemplating an addition, take a few minutes to consider a mud room. Mudrooms are the perfect places to keep the outdoors out and the indoors clean. Usually combined with a laundry room it is used in regions with inclement weather but don’t let that stop you from having one. It’s a terrific place for a pet to stay when muddy as well as a good spot for everyone to keep their coats and shoes.

When thinking of what to include in a mudroom, most would need coat racks for coats and sweaters as well as bins or drawers for hats and gloves with maybe a rack for the dog leashes. Linoleum, tile or concrete can be used for flooring and it is not unheard of to incorporate a drain in the floor to further aid in the cleaning process. A side entrance is preferable so that your family is comfortable going in and out yet your guests won’t view it upon their arrival. A door leading into the main part of the house also helps create boundaries for the pets. Just think how nice to come in full of mud and deposit your dirty, wet clothes directly into the washer. Another terrific idea would be to have a bathroom adjoin your mud room so that you can also step quickly into the shower if necessary. Enough space for a dog kennel is also a thought. Another good idea is open space under your bench to store and organize shoes. Also try to partition your hanging sections; one for each household member. It gives everyone a place to keep what’s important to them. Kids can store their backpacks and lunch boxes and adults can use theirs for briefcases and such.

In custom homes, built-in cabinets, drawers and benches would be ideal to keep the room tidy and organized. Make sure you include enough square footage to grow into if necessary. Try to incorporate natural lighting if at all possible for that light and airy look. Many mud rooms are located just off the kitchen making a more natural transgression into the house.

And get creative, if you have kids or an active lifestyle, design space for sports equipment. Store your baseball, football, basketball or hockey equipment into bins, cabinets or hooks. Store your gym bag and a key rack and your mudroom becomes the automatic place to rid yourself of your outdoor gear or get ready to set off for your next adventure. Really, why trip all over all that stuff in your closet? And surely you have a much better use for your garage space?

The perfect mud rooms have a country feel to them with plenty of space, light, and versatility. Make it a room that’s pleasant to be in with lots of storage and convenience and you will wonder why you never thought of this before!

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