How to Decide if a Deck or Patio is Better for Your Home

December 17, 2015

Many homeowners make the decision between a deck or patio based on their own needs, preferences, and space. Depending on these aspects you will know which option is best for you. Both landscaping possibilities are beneficial but they do differ. By reading over the benefits and limits you can see what is best for your home and family.


A patio is a ground level or slightly elevated stone floor that is angled away from the house to move rainwater away from the home. Patios offer virtually little to no maintenance other than sweeping sand into the creases between the stones. Patios offer plenty of opportunity for decoration or entertaining. It is simple to add or take away pieces like fire pits, grills and even small water feature that you and your family can enjoy.

Depending on the size and renovations made you may need to contact the county for permission or obtain a permit. With time the sand may degrade and you will need to annually weed the crevices between the stones. If you want to avoid this using natural remedies you can plant ground cover or moss and it will add color and texture to your patio.


Decks are wonderful additions to a home without a lot of room for renovations and do not need permits or permission from the town. They can be raised for second story decks, which are great for those who want to put a patio underneath or have their living space above ground level. Decks also allow water to pass through the slotted wood so they do not become saturated or moldy. Decks also do not become as hot or cold, depending on the season, as patios that absorb heat and cool temperatures quickly.

Decks do, however, often cost more than a patio and require more maintenance. They also need a retaining wall and must be built well to avoid water leeching into your basement. A way to avoid maintenance and water leakage you can have it done professionally but may cost you more.

Building a deck or patio in your yard can be a wonderful addition to your property and can help you create the perfect outdoor living or entertaining space for your family. Be sure to research possible installation companies and DIY options so you know exactly what you want. And don’t forget the tiki torches!