How To Make Your Master Bathroom’s Shower Stylish and Affordable

November 25, 2014

What we see in film are not just homes that are spacious, impressive, and beautiful, but also master bedrooms that match; after all, where you lay your head is the last thing you see before you fall asleep and the first thing you see when you wake up, so it’s something that you want to make as pleasant as possible for your own sense of satisfaction and happiness. Consequently, that means paying attention not just to the bedroom but to the bathroom that adjoins to it; after all, no master bedroom is truly complete without its own bathroom! But what can you do to make it truly match your bedroom without rendering it completely out of your price range, after all is said and done?

Tile and Fiberglass

Well, you needn’t concern yourself with tiling it entirely in the most expensive marble and stone that you can find. Why not instead use a fiberglass base? It’s strong, resilient, easy to clean, very attractive when fitted into appropriate surroundings, and best of all, very affordable indeed. Additionally, using tiles up the entirety of the walls of your shower allows you to save on money for the walls, while also ensuring that your shower remains easy to clean and quite strong.

Take the Extra Step

Of course, you needn’t rule out certain shower embellishments entirely. For example, consider frameless glass shower doors; they are gaining in popularity in homes across the country, and they would make a great fit with the kind of shower we have described here. The frames often obscure the shower, making it seem mechanical and rather drab; frameless glass shower doors bring a touch of class and beauty to the shower that we have often only seen in the homes of the glamorous and wealthy, but which is now within reach of the everyman! Give these improvements a try and you’ll be pleased with your beautiful your bathroom turns out.