Is a Kitchen Island Ideal for Your Home?

May 20, 2013

Kitchens have always been more than a place to cook your meals.  It’s the gathering hub for your family to spend time together as they finish up work documents and classroom assignments. It’s the socializing place as you host dinner parties for friends. Kitchens have become a favorite meeting spot for many reasons. Yet, sometimes the layout isn’t suited for us to entertain guests and family while still being able to cook great meals.

Kitchen islands have started to become a popular trend for newly constructed homes. The island allows you to still prepare meals without having your back facing family and guests. It gives extra storage room and counter space to prepare meals while still allowing you to be entertaining when hosting parties.

Level or Raised Island Counter?

If you decide that a kitchen island will work great in your custom home design, you need to figure out the type of island to have. Some people banish their kitchen table from the room and instead get two islands: one for preparing meals and the other for seating. You may also place bar stools at the island to allow people to sit and eat while watching you prepare meals. There are two basic island counters to choose from: a level surface and a raised surface.

Level Surface Counters 

Level surface counters allow people to sit at the same level as the person who is cooking meals. Level countertop surfaces can have many benefits. Seating will be lower for those individuals such as children and elderly people who may have trouble climbing up into high bar stools. Also, level surfaces give you the largest amount of space to work with when preparing large meals. You must be careful if you have burners on a level surface island where a small child can reach over and touch the hot surfaces.

Raised Island Counters

Raised island counters can separate the cooking space from the sitting space by having part of the counter raised. This prevents children’s fingers from reaching out to the cutting board as you are chopping up vegetables. Take into consideration the people who will be sitting at the raised counter because elderly people who have limited movement may find it hard to sit at high bar stools. For some raised counter designs in a custom home, the lower section of the counter is for people to sit at in lower chairs as you cook on the raised part of the counter that is at a comfortable height.

Pick The Kitchen Island That Works For You

Kitchen islands are truly a versatile place that you can customize to your desires so that it is both a functional and aesthetic in your space. You can incorporate cutting boards, special bins, cabinets, stoves, grills, burners, and even the sink into a kitchen island. Choose the type of island counter that will be beneficial to your cooking needs as well as safe for members of your family so everyone can enjoy being in the kitchen. Call Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to get started on your custom home!