3 Fun June Outdoor Décor Ideas

June 21, 2016

Creating an inviting and relaxing outdoor space during the summer months can be fun and easy. Here are a few ways you can revamp your backyard space to make it perfect for entertaining guests or for reading a book in the late afternoon:

Revamp furniture

It may not be the most fun but fixing, repainting, or reupholstering your outdoor furniture will be the most important project for your outdoor space. This will help you and your loved ones feel comfortable outside. If you have rusting outdoor furniture, it is time to replace it. Try finding weather-resistant furniture. A lot of the metal outdoor furniture now has a rust-resistant coating to avoid yearly furniture purchases. You can also bring the furniture in during the winter to keep it safe.

If you have plastic furniture you may want to repaint it using outdoor paint. This will keep it from chipping or fading over time. Once you have the base for your furniture you may want to look for upholstery. This will help your guests stay comfortable all summer long. You can find water-resistant fabrics that can even be taken off in the winter. You will also want to store these indoors during the wintertime.

Set the mood

Lighting can help create a beautiful space without a lot of energy. Purchase citronella candles and place them throughout your deck and garden. You can put candles in glass votives and then place them amongst your potted plants. It creates a warm, comfortable setting for fun times and great conversation.

Using citronella candles also helps keep the bugs at bay. You can purchase citronella candles at any grocery or home goods store. They come in large candles and tea lights. Using a mixture of all assortments will give you enough coverage so the mosquitos will stay away. You can also use soft lighting from Christmas lights or firefly lights as well. This will make drinks and food visible without ruining the view of the night’s sky.

Let your garden grow

While you will still need to weed, you should allow your plants to have plenty of room to stretch out. A beautiful garden is often the most inviting part of your backyard. You can use culinary plants such as thyme and sage that can be added to dishes as well as aromatic plants like lavender and mint. All of these will waft from your garden to your guests making it the perfect place to stop and smell the roses.