Keep Your Kitchen Organized with These Tips

July 19, 2017

With so much to keep track of in life, maintaining your kitchen can be a daunting task. Fortunately, as this is a task everyone must face, there are lots of tips!

Here are a couple that we have gathered:

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

Keep an over-the-sink cutting board. These are very cheap to obtain, and setting them over the sink saves space.So, your cabinets are free and you can expand your counter area. Along this same vein, you can also purchase over-the-sink shelves, that will increase your counter space and let you store more cleaning items that can easily be reached.

Pocket Organizers

Either make, or purchase, some pocket organizers. Pocket organizers are plastic sheets with pockets in which you can store various objects such as gloves and cleaning supplies. If you don’t feel confident making these, they sell for as cheap as $12.00.

Shelves and Hangers

Rolling shelves will help you make the best of your storage space.

Think vertically. Shelves can be stacked above more shelves, and you can add extra racks beneath them to make the most out of your space.

Any bare walls, or ceilings, are an opportunity for hangers. Consider the sides of any ceiling cabinets that you may have. From these installations, you can hang your utensils. Installing new shelves is another option, especially if you need more space for ingredients and pots. Creating racks for your cabinet serves a similar purpose as well.

Baskets and Bins

Baskets and bins will be your best friends when it comes to making the most of your kitchen space. The best thing about these, is that they are very simple to make. They can be easily made out of recycled items or very cheap to buy. Baskets and bins can fit in pretty much any place, and increase your storage percentage by a significant amount. They can also help in keeping everything organized as you can store specific items in specific bins. You won’t have to shove different items aside to find what you need.

Keep it Clean

Most important of all is to simply keep your kitchen clean. Kitchens are very easy to get messy, and quick! If you allow the mess to pile up, it will become that much more cluttered. Keep everything in its place and off the tables once you are finished cooking and your kitchen will never feel cluttered.

Get creative with your ideas. There will always be many methods for keeping your kitchen looking beautiful and organized.