A Key Room in Your Home: Don’t Neglect Your Bathroom!

August 12, 2014

Most bathrooms are purely utilitarian in nature and design. They have a few simple but essential functions to perform in your home, and beyond that, your bathroom probably sees little in the way of love or attention. Clean it, keep it tidy, and keep it aerated, and you should be fine, right? Except that your bathroom is as much a part of your home as any other room, and it is also a part of your home that many of your guests will see. Not only that, but by keeping your bathroom as bare and unexciting as possible, you’re actually missing out on a great bathroom experience, not to mention some awesome bathroom design opportunities!

The Shower and Tub Area

Let’s start with one of the most important parts of your bathroom: the shower/tub area. You need to wash up regularly, but doing so in a small, cramped area can be uncomfortable and just plain old not fun. You can really liven up your showers by expanding the area that they take up, creating a walk-in shower that you can enter like you would a waterfall in a cave. Using tile across the area, you can reduce the amount of clean-up to nil while creating a very classical look for your bathroom.

Those tiles can do more than just serve as a great surface for your walk-in shower. They can also be made into mosaics, much as the ancient Romans would have done with their baths as well. The mosaics can depict just about anything you’d like, from abstract patterns and shapes to beautiful images and scenes; the limit is your imagination and the skill of the tile-layer that you are working with!

Details and Storage

Another great improvement for a beautiful shower is to add glass shower walls. These transparent or translucent (at your discretion, of course) walls allow light to more easily fill the room, including the showering area of the room, making everything seem brighter, more airy, and more pleasant. Consequently, your bathroom will feel larger owing to this “optical illusion,” or at the very least, it won’t feel closed off and claustrophobic as most bathrooms do.

Moving from the shower area, you can also spruce up your sinks and storage by using a continuous vanity in the bathroom. Split sinks for you and your spouse, and install a drawer base and wall cabinet between the sinks for the storage of toiletries and all manner of bathroom-appropriate accessories. This is far better than a few drawers crammed full of doodads and knick-knacks, you have to agree! Indeed, there’s so much you can do with your bathroom, the possibilities are endless!