Top Kitchen Design Trends to Watch in 2018

November 15, 2017

Whether you like to cook or not, the kitchen is a great part of any home. A good meal is something that everyone can enjoy! Plus, there is a certain beauty to kitchens themselves that can inspire even the unlikeliest cook. The right design can bring out the chef in anyone. These are top kitchen designs to watch in 2018:


Too often people make the mistake of thinking that efficiency means sacrificing design. This is simply not the case. A kitchen that serves its function to the fullest is the best that you could hope for. A big kitchen design trend is efficient kitchen storage.

These days, there are many different storage options that will help you make the best of your space. Options range from walk-in pantries to slide out shelves, to hydraulic easy-close doors. Keep your kitchen equipped, and organized, and you will see that your design choices can add to the charm of your kitchen.

Color Splashes

White is never a bad choice when it comes to your kitchen. It gives a pristine appearance and a traditional look. When coordinated properly, white, or a lighter gray, will stand out against the rest of your home. What is especially enjoyable about a white kitchen, however, is that it will allow you to highlight certain parts with splashes of color.

Imagine your sink with a lovely spring green hue against the canvas that is a pure white kitchen. Or perhaps the black or dark blue of your refrigerator? You could use an assortment of different tones to create a colorful pattern in your kitchen that brings attention to all its most important aspects.


The smart homes of science fiction past are our reality today. You can have technology that senses when you enter a room and turns on the lights. There are alerts that go straight to your smartphone when food is ready.

There are even cabinets that slide smoothly open at the press of a button, and faucets that turn on and off with motion detection. There is so much to explore in the world of technology that will leave you in awe at how efficient and engaging your kitchen can be.

Mixed Countertops

Which material to use for your countertops is a hotly debated subject. Laminate, marble, and wood are other popular options, in addition to quartz and granite. By using a mix, you create a distinct look that also allows you to designate certain countertops for certain tasks. For example, quartz, a nonporous material, is good for cooking upon.

These and many more are just some of the upcoming kitchen design trends for 2018. Be sure to keep an eye out for more. You may find the perfect combination to build your dream kitchen in a custom home!