6 Top Kitchen Trends of 2014

February 4, 2014

Whether updating your current kitchen or choosing the elements for a new custom home, incorporating 2014 kitchen trends into the design can give the most used room in the house new life.

Open Concept

Not the newest trend, but definitely a continuing trend in kitchen design for 2014, an open concept kitchen provides a better flow of movement between the cooking area and the general living area of the house. It’s an ideal design concept for busy families or any home cook who enjoys dabbling in the kitchen while still being part of the activity taking place in the other living areas

Drawer Appliances

Forget having to stretch and reach up into a microwave installed above the stove. A drawer microwave is a hot item in 2014 kitchen design. With a drawer microwave, you don’t have to remove the dish to check its heat, to stir or to turn the food. Refrigerator drawers are another popular drawer appliance being installed in many custom homes this year. Like the microwave drawer, the refrigerator drawers can be incorporated into the kitchen’s cabinet system or center island.

Open Shelving

Forgo installing glass or frosted cabinet doors and opt for open shelving when designing your 2014 kitchen. Open shelving adds to the overall design concept of the room, allowing the display of dishes, glassware and even bottles of gourmet oils.

Quartz Countertops

Homeowners and realtors alike have long favored granite countertops in both kitchen and bathroom design. 2014 will see quartz as the material of choice for the kitchen. It looks and feels like granite with the plus of being more durable. Better durability means a higher resistance to cracks and chips, making the quartz countertop a preferred choice for homes with a high-traffic kitchen.

Slab Backsplashes

Large-scale backsplashes crafted in limestone or marble fit perfectly into kitchens with open areas around the range hood or sink area. In a custom home kitchen designed with minimal upper cabinetry, a slab backsplash can become a stunning focal point.

Black Hardware

Stainless steel has been a stylish look in kitchens for several years. In 2014, look for hardware in graphite black. Pair graphite hardware with a cool, white marble backsplash for a sleek, modern look.