7 Laundry Room Hacks for Easier Maintenance

July 28, 2017

To have your own laundry room is a blessing, but sometimes these rooms can be difficult to maintain. It’s no wonder, considering this is where all your dirty clothing sits – and all families produce plenty of that.


The most important thing is storage. Keeping a tidy laundry room means making the most of your limited space. Remember, this is not an area that your guests will be entering, and it is not a place that you will be spending a lot of time in. That means decorating is not a necessity, and should take a back seat to storage containers. Walls should be used for extra shelving, whether it be hanging containers or sturdy multi-layer shelves. They will be perfect places to hold your laundry and cleaning supplies.

Drying Racks

Along with the walls, you can also hang drying racks from the ceiling. These are a little trickier to install, but they are well worth the effort. They can help hold up quite a lot of clothing while you wait to either dry or iron.

Containers & Labels

When you have a big family, it can be difficult to keep everyone’s clothing from getting mixed. In order to help prevent this, it is helpful to create labels for your containers to distinguish between every person’s clothing.

Collect Loose Change

Keep a jar for all the loose change that you find. You’d be surprised at how quickly it all stacks up.

Pin Socks Together

Make sure to pin your socks together before throwing them in the hamper. Nothing is more frustrating than having a single sock and being unable to find its matching pair.

Store Ironing Boards

Ironing boards are very important for cleaning your clothing. Unfortunately, they tend to take up a lot of space. Two ideas for circumventing this problem: getting a fold-out ironing board, or affixing hooks to hang your ironing board from. The latter is simple to do on your own, and the former requires installation to any table in your laundry room.

Put Appliances on a Pedestal

Last but not least: creating a pedestal for your washer and dryer can give you a little extra room to store your clothing in. Putting containers underneath each of these will help you know what needs to go into each appliance next.

With these tips and hacks on your side, maintaining your laundry room will be a breeze.