Rethinking the Laundry Room

August 26, 2014

The latest laundry rooms are really attempting to rethink how we approach the design and location of a laundry room in the modern home. Once upon a time, such rooms were relegated to a basement, a garage, or a small hole in the wall on the first floor of your home; this kept laundry out of the way of daily activities, yes, but it also made it very difficult – both physically and sometimes logistically – to get laundry done! As such, we have begun to seriously give another look towards getting laundry done and getting it done right.

The small space previously afforded to laundry rooms meant that they could fit little beyond the appliances they absolutely, positively needed to fit: namely, the washer and dryer. That means you have to haul even more to your laundry room when it’s finally time to get the job done, as fabric softener, detergent, bleach, and a variety of other useful tools for washing clothes can all end up not being able to fit in the room normally.

Why an Upstairs Laundry Room

Fortunately, you’re not limited to keeping your laundry room hidden away. More and more, laundry rooms are being placed on the second floor, where they make the most sense. Previously, the technology for washing machines made it difficult to install and set up a laundry room on any floor but the lowest, but this is no longer the case. Now you can easily have your laundry room set up in a more convenient space – and why wouldn’t you?

In a larger home, and with a laundry room in a larger space, you can actually have your laundry room function as more than just that. When situated near a large master bedroom, your laundry room can also act as a hamper for towels and washcloths that have been used in your upstairs bedroom, as well as for bed linens, blankets, and so on. Additionally, the immediate proximity of the laundry room means that a trek from bedroom/hamper to laundry is no longer necessary. Instead, you can quickly and easily find your way to your laundry room, washables in-hand. No more long hauls, no more trying to fit everything into a closet-sized space!

Convenience Above All Else

Installing your laundry room in a non-traditional space offers many opportunities for customization. You can install your washer over a shower base that has a floor drain in it, for example. You should also ensure that your laundry room does not share a wall with your bedroom; they still vibrate, after all! Still, the convenience of having your laundry room right there overwhelms everything else!