Light Fixtures Can be the “Jewelry” of Your Home

June 3, 2013

Light Fixtures are only in some homes to serve the job of lighting a room but custom homes make lighting a special event. Chandeliers, wall lighting, Ceiling fans and small lamps are placed around a home to give it lighted access. Lighting makes a custom home look as inviting in the dark as it does in daylight. Light fixtures are stationed in every facet of these special homes. Stairs are lighted, basements, patios and indoor settings. Light fixtures in these homes have a plan and light is used wisely. Ceiling fans are favorites of homeowners used in bedrooms kitchens and on patios. They are designed with remotes, can be traditional or contemporary and are energy efficient.

Lighting ideas are easy for custom homes. Schonbek’s Trilliane line of chandeliers are lovely and John Richards has very nice lamps. These lighting elements are at your disposal when the home is of particular quality. Chandeliers vary in design but hanging them is standard. Center these lovely light fixtures in the center of the room to show them off and the room. Average ceilings only need a yard stick of a lift but if you have a Cathedral ceiling go about three inches per foot to get the best balance. If creative is what you choose there are endless possibilities. Some home owners are uniquely creative with light fixtures using unusual containers to develop a look.

Light fixtures can also be done with technology in mind. Light is reflective on materials. But nothing catches light the same way. Technology looks at the materials you use in your home and lights your home accordingly. This is a fun way to play with light fixtures. Many people do this with kitchen light fixtures and skylights. Creating a lighting system on a cloudy day is as important as sunlight. Solariums with lighting needs use light fixtures that do a different job. Decorate with track lighting, bath and landscape lighting and fill your home with light.

Lighting dictates whether a room will feel quiet or whether it is ready for a big bash. Give your custom home a real treat with a collection of chandeliers in the bath and kitchen. This is one of the fun things about custom homes. You can really get creative with decorating. Things an average home design might avoid a custom home design can embrace.

Fixtures that stay cool yet give adequate lighting are an important part of home design. Use beautiful overhead lighting in your kitchen while getting close up food prep lighting. Lighting can be placed anywhere but a home that is designed carefully makes use of cabinet lighting, staircase lighting and garden fixtures. Create rooms that glitter when the lights are turned on; capture the twinkle in every corner. Light fixtures can soften the shadows in a home, giving security to its inhabitants.

Get the diversity in style and size when buying light fixtures. Some are small and do the job without notice while others are grand. With a home designed especially for your family you get to decide on many of its lighting features, pool and garage lighting ranks as home fixtures too and they can be eye-catching. Light fixtures make a statement on your interest and your style. Whether you collect fixtures from your travels or reach into the early designs of history, a custom home will give you the input you need to be creative with light fixtures.