4 Lightning Safety Tips

June 16, 2016

June 19th through 25th is Lightning Safety Awareness Week in Pennsylvania. With summer, comes storms. While some can be beautiful and perfect for singing in the rain, others can be dangerous and must be taken seriously. Here are a few lightning safety tips so you can stay safe during thunderstorms:

Stay away from windows and doors

This may seem like common sense but many people are attracted to the window and door because of the theatrics that occur during a storm. You should, however, stay away from windows and doors to avoid flying debris, broken windows, and other hazards. The best place to be during a storm is in the center of your home in the lowest floor. This will help you stay away from possible debris or lightning strikes.

Protect your pets

Pets can become utterly terrified during storms. This is because they sense the storm before it hits and they are much more sensitive to the noise than most humans. To keep your dog calm stay by their side and have them be wherever they feel safe. This could be on the couch next to you, in their dog bed or in the bathroom. If they become incredibly anxious during the storm you may want to consider purchasing a storm jacket. The brand Thunderjacket offers jackets for your pooch in different sizes, fabrics, and colors. By putting a weighted jacket on your pup the pressure will put them at ease. Once they are in a comfortable and safe spot with the jacket on then you can offer them some water and just stay with them. You are their greatest source of comfort.

Cordless phones

Stay away from any corded phones in your home. Instead, charge your cell phones before the storm hits and then keep the charged untethered phones at your side. This is safer and can be easier to use in case of emergency (power outage, fire, etc.)

You should also have all of your cordless home phones charged as well. Even after a power outage they will still work for as long as they are charged.

Stay Dry

Do not shower or take a bath during a thunder and lightning storm. Water is electrically charged and electricity can travel through it. If your home or exposed plumbing is hit by lightning the charge can travel through the home and into the tub. This may not necessarily kill you but it can do a lot of bodily harm and cost you days, weeks, or even months in the hospital. The best thing to do during a storm is to hunker down wit a candle, a good book, and maybe a glass of wine.