Your Living Room: Track Lighting or Recessed Lighting?

February 3, 2015

Every room in your home has a variety of different factors that impact your comfort and happiness in your home. From your choice of colors to your choices of flooring, furniture, and interior decorating, you will find that every single detail changes how you and others perceive that space. To improve your experience as well as that of your family and your guests, it is important to pay attention to the kind of space you are creating, with perhaps the most important detail being the lighting you choose. In the living room, where you spend much of your leisure time, the choice between recessed and track lighting will help to determine just what kind of living room you actually have.

The Night Life with Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting provides more exposure in your living room, making the space into an ideal room for entertaining large amounts of people, hosting parties, and generally making regular use of the space for social events. Recessed lighting also provides an increased amount of overhead space, meaning you can more safely fit large amounts of people (and objects!) into your living room without having space concerns, given that the “ceiling” is now a bit lower due to the lighting being within the ceiling itself, rather than hanging below it.

The Choice of Track Lighting

Track lighting, on the other hand, allows you to direct light into particular parts of your living room – allowing you to put light into areas where you think it is appropriate and redirect it away from other areas, creating dark spots, shadows, and other features that allow for a quieter, less social but perhaps more relaxing atmosphere in your living room. Track lighting can also be more easily adjusted, whereas recessed lighting is largely static and as-is.

Versatility versus exposure – this is just one of the many factors for you to consider when deciding whether to go with track lighting or recessed lighting. These days, more and more people are choosing recessed lighting, if only because they like the increased impression of size and space in a room when they have recessed lighting. Ultimately, it’s all about your preferences – so what are they?