Making Your Own Clever Signs: Tips and Tricks

March 23, 2017

How many times have you been tempted by the cute or clever home decor items that you see lining the shelves of your favorite craft store? However, there’s always that little debate (at least for us) that we could just as easily make these signs at home, so we end up putting the signs down and walking away.

With that being said, why not step up to the plate? A little paint and sandpaper can transform some old wood into something truly unique and beautiful. So if you’re looking for some clever tricks to making the perfect “Home Sweet Home” sign, take a look at what we’ve discovered.

Picking the Right Display

Knowing how you want your sign to be displayed is the first step in deciding how you want to go about making it. If you’re making a sign for outside your home, you might want to consider doing a signpost style sign. Not only are these fairly straightforward to make but you can also have fun playing with different styles and even different directions for the sign.

Another one of our favorite styles is the tiered hanging sign. This consists of separate planks which are connected to the one above it. Not only are these easy to make, but you can make some really interesting designs. Our favorite is the “IN”, “OUT”, and “Gone FISHING”, which is perfect if you’re an avid fisher or really just don’t want to be pestered by the door to door solicitors.

Choosing Materials

Once you’ve figured out what style of sign you want to make, and chosen your favorite phrase or slogan (If we started listing all the clever ones we’ve seen, it’d take a while) it’s time to choose your materials. Here you have a choice. You can go out and by some fresh planks from your local hardware store.

However, if you want to do a bit of environmental goodness or just save some money, you might want to consider upcycling. Wooden pallets are a great place to start as they offer some good pieces of wood that are the right shape and size. With a little sanding, you can have them feeling smooth and looking good. Not only are pallets incredibly cheap (in a lot of cases you can get them for free) but recycling them gives them a better purpose than just being used for firewood.

Adding the Finishing Touches

So you have your sign assembled and you have your clever phrase painted. Now what? Part of the charm that the pre-made signs have is that they have a rustic, almost antiqued look to them. This is part of the reason why people end up buying them. However, you get the same effect by taking a light grit sandpaper and gently sanding around the edges. Just be careful not to go too hard otherwise you might make your sign unreadable. The good news is, if that happens you can just repaint the sign and try again once it dries.

If your sign is going to live outdoors, make sure you treat it with a sealant to keep it from growing mildew or any other unpleasantness and voila! Your very own sign that not only costs less than the ones in the store but also rewards you with the experience of getting to do it yourself!