Your Master Bedroom: Recessed or Track Lighting?

February 12, 2015

Throughout your home, the lighting that you choose for each room will set the mood of the room while also determining just what use the room can be put to. If a room is too dark, you can do little but sit in it and enjoy your television or computer screen; if a room is too bright, you may find that you can’t entirely rest in it. A middle ground has to be found, and that middle ground can often be struck in the space between your preferences and the options available. The two most widely-chosen options, owing to their versatility and practicality, are recessed lighting and track lighting. The choice can make or break the feeling you are going for in your bedroom.

Recessed Lighting: A Whole New Bedroom!

Your bedroom isn’t just for sleeping; you’ll often spend time reading, relaxing, and watching television there. Many choose to have their computers set up in their bedroom, as well as workspaces, vanities, and other things that go beyond just laying down to sleep. As such, it may be useful to have a maximum amount of light bathing the entirety of the space; doing so can be difficult for track lighting, but recessed lighting does a great job of providing an even amount of exposure across the entirety of your bedroom, allowing you to treat your bedroom like a room with practical functions rather than just a place where you rest.

Track Lighting: Options!

Track lighting, on the other hand, has more customization-options as far as where the light is going to be cast; perhaps some areas could use more light than others, allowing you to make some parts of your bedroom dark parts and other areas lighter. This allows you to still make practical use of your bedroom, but not quite as much as you would otherwise do with recessed lighting. On the other hand, you can have one person making use of the shadows and dark places in the room while another makes use of the light; this is great if you have a spouse you are sharing the space with!

In the end, it’s all about preference; both track lighting and recessed lighting is great for a bedroom, but how do you intend to use that bathroom? Once you figure that out, your lighting choice will be easy.