The Modern Master Bathroom’s Continuous Vanity

October 9, 2014

When considering how you want to have your master bedroom laid out, some things are simply a given. Of course, you want plenty of space; a master bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it can be a place that you practically live in, part office and part lounge! Of course, storage and closet space are also intended to be quite large and available in a master bedroom; a walk-in closet isn’t uncommon, one that you can really wander around and get lost in! These are not, however, the only features, design-wise, that you can have included with your master bedroom. Consider, for example, the continuous vanity!

Why a Vanity?

A vanity is already well-known; typically it serves as a desk, table, and storage space that can be used to store makeup, some clothes, jewelry, and accessories, and other sundry items that are needed, often by the fairer sex. Typically, your vanity will look like a desk with a mirror and drawers, and that’s it. In a smaller bedroom, this makes sense. Yet with a master bedroom, you can do so much more – so why not go big, rather than go home?

The continuous vanity is, well, kind of what the name suggests: a vanity that crosses the entirety of your master bedroom’s bathroom, encompassing not just space for a single person but in fact including a drawer base, wall cabinets, and more between split sinks for increasing storage along with more access to the things you need in the bathroom! Indeed, a continuous vanity is best-integrated into your master bedroom’s bathroom, which itself should be quite a spacious and beautiful room, as it is attached to your master bedroom!

What a Vanity Does for You

If space is an issue, the continuous vanity solves it; finding the right, most convenient storage space for the kinds of things a vanity contains can be difficult at times, but not with access to a continuous vanity. The master bedroom offers you a variety of options when it comes to design and layout, so it’s no wonder that something like a continuous vanity is so often made a part of the modern master bedroom!