Most of our clients have spent days, months, and years envisioning every detail of their own unique custom home. Each personal element is an essential piece of the puzzle to create a home that isn't just a place to live…it's a part of you. Discovering your lifestyle, values, and personal taste will be the foundation of your home design.

Site Visit

Excellent design complements the landscape – it doesn't fight it. Organic features such as existing trees, position of the sun, and natural terrain are just a few of the important, and often overlooked, elements we evaluate when we begin conceptualizing the design of your new home. It is also essential to consider all plans for your property, not only in terms of present use but also future expansion. All of these principles are carefully taken into account when visiting your home site. This is truly where the design process begins.


Everyone is different and everyone has a different preference when it comes to architectural style. We get to know you and your specific taste and provide you with a range of possibilities to choose from. Every person possesses a measure of creativity. It is our job to carefully listen and build on those creative ideas. This is the foundation of Custom Home Group and it's why we think the most important thing we do is listen thoroughly to understand your lifestyle in order to uniquely personalize your home design.


Developing a final exterior design that expresses your individuality and unique "curb appeal" typically happens by working through a progression of concepts, sketches, and specific details. We start with the basics and build on them to create a variety of options. Our goal during this process is to provide you with a range of design visuals that you can examine and reflect on before making your decision. Most of the time, the final result is a collection of your favorite characteristics compiled from multiple concepts.

Space Planning

When planning the interior spaces of your home, nothing should be simply practical or simply beautiful – but a union of the two. Attractive design is of little or no use if it does not function well in your daily life. To create a holistic design, we will help you select specific products, finishes, colors, and textures that complement your working floor plan. One of the most fun and fulfilling parts of the design process is seeing your ideas and plans come to life.


A huge advantage of in-house design is that the members of the design team will be on site verifying the proper execution of every detail. The most valuable element of the design/build process is the partnership between construction and design and this is the foundation of Custom Home Group. Well-crafted plans are completely ineffective if they do not translate into excellent craftsmanship.


From backsplashes and wall colors to faucets and accents, everything you choose is designed to the best standards and every detail is completely thought out for the full benefit of functionality. These details are the most easily overlooked or de-emphasized factors that, ultimately, make a huge difference both aesthetically and functionally. We treat each home as if it is our own. You will be directly connected to a project manager in order to ensure a consistent, smooth, enjoyable, and timely custom home building experience.


All great design needs execution. Over the course of the construction of your home, our design and field teams will work together to bring your home design to life. Your experience during the home building process is just as important to us as the final product. We will work hard to communicate regularly and keep your project on schedule while striving to always maintain our quality standards.