3 Considerations for Outdoor Deck Design

May 22, 2013

Working with a custom home builder to bring your dream home to life is a great feeling.  For many homeowners, a deck is part of their dream home. When it comes to adding a deck to your custom home design, you want to make sure it’s the right type of deck for your needs and visually suits the rest of your home. Your builder can help you work out the details, but it’s a good idea to put some thought into it beforehand. Here are a few considerations for outdoor deck design:

Where will the deck sit in your yard?

The first consideration you should make with the outdoor deck design is where the deck is situated in your yard. Some people, or even homeowners associations, do not want a deck on the front. So you should consider what part of your home you can have the deck attached to and which placement area will look best and most appealing while satisfying any guidelines of your homeowners’ association.  Without this, you will have trouble in getting to enjoy the deck because it may extend out too far in your yard.

What type of decking material will you use?

The second consideration you need to make in regards to the deck is what kind of material you want to use. Some of the woods you can use will stain properly, but others will have a natural coloration which matches your home.  You should consider what type of wood will be used in the design phase of your deck and know it can match your specific needs. Something else you will like with the wood selection is this can help you keep the bugs down and possibly even prevent bugs from boring into your wood at all. There are also other options, like vinyl, which can give you the look of wood without the need for as much maintenance.

What kind of purpose will the deck serve?

The third consideration you should make for your deck is what kind of purpose you want the deck to serve.  You may have never thought about this aspect before, but you probably want your deck to serve a specific purpose.  For example, if you want the deck to have a hot tub on it, then you need to have a wide deck, but also one with a strong foundation and plenty of support. Then, you can have the hot tub on the deck and know it will be secure. If you want a deck relaxing or dining in warmer months, then you do not need one as wide or provide overly hefty support.

Adding a deck to your custom home can be a great addition to your home design. By taking some time for these considerations for outdoor deck design, it will be easy for you and your builder to make the right choice for your home. If you’re ready to get started on your custom home, call Custom Home Group at 717-284-4090 to make your dream home a reality!