How Outdoor Lighting Can Boost Your Curb Appeal

September 2, 2014

Fall is just around the corner, and that means that the things you have to do to increase the curb appeal of your home are changing. During the summer, you wanted to focus on your lawn and its summer presentation; with everything in bloom and the rains causing quite a bit of growth, it’s important to have your lawn take on a vibrant but well-kept appearance. Yet as autumn approaches, buyers are looking for other things; specifically, with fall comes a shorter day, and so things like outdoor lighting start to have a much larger impact on how a home is perceived. They can add value or subtract value, or do even more damage by not existing at all! (People need to SEE your house to want to buy it, after all.)

First Impressions

When guests arrive at a home, the first thing they’re going to notice in the evening hours is the lighting of your home. Just as lighting is critical to creating a photograph or other kind of image, lighting is important to the image you present to anyone approaching your home. The shadows need to help accentuate the beautiful features of your home that the lights are bringing out; if the lighting fails to do this, then it is ultimately hurting your curb appeal!

Outdoor lighting is about more than just light bulbs, however. First, there’s the actual lighting apparatus itself; are you using lamp-posts? Small outdoor lights? Are they separate from the home itself or are they attached? You’ll probably want a mix of all of the above, but you’ll also want to consider what features you actually want to highlight on your home. You can’t highlight them all; then you just have a giant spotlight shining on your home, and that’s entirely too unseemly! You won’t sell many homes that way. No, you need to be selective about what is going to be highlighted and what isn’t.

What Else Does Light Add?

Let’s not forget that outdoor lighting also adds actual value to a home. The apparatuses themselves cost money, as do their installation, and when done well, they become something desirable, especially in upper-income areas. Many homes in such areas have great outdoor lighting, and providing a home that excels in this can be a huge attraction over competing homes in a similar bracket. There are other factors at play as well, such as the practical benefits of outdoor lighting. Intruders are easier to detect when your home is so well-lit, dissuading them in the first place. Indeed, there is little that well-done outdoor lighting can’t do for your home!