Paint Colors: Should I Go Neutral Or Get Creative?

July 1, 2013

When it comes to your home, especially if you’re a homeowner or are building a home, you want every aspect of it to be exactly the way you want it. You’re chasing that ultimate dream home and, as a part of that process, the paint job you put on it and in it can have a definite impact on how you feel about the home and what your ultimate plans for the home are. So, should you go with neutral colors or can you let your creative side flow free?

There are a couple of key elements that will help define how you should consider paint for your interior and exterior walls:

What is the Ultimate Goal of the Home?

First, you have to consider what your ultimate goal for the home is. If this is your ‘starter home’ or if you definitely plan to resell the home as part of a upgrade process, or you have a large family and plan to sell the home for a retirement place later as the children grow up and leave, going with neutral colors may be your best option as neutral colors leaves a “canvas” for prospective homeowners who may potentially buy your home.

What is Your Decorating Scheme?

Second, keep in mind your decorating scheme. If you’re into artwork, whether it be paintings or sculpture, having neutral colors adds focus to your subjects instead of pulling the eye away from it to the paint on the walls. if how you decorate your home is your main focus, neutral colors may be your best option as well.

However, if you’re in your ‘final home’ and have plans to incorporate your decorating style into your rooms, you can go with any colors you wish. If you prefer bold, bright colors, muted colors and bold lighting or want to make a statement with the paint on your walls, essentially making them into wall art, then there isn’t any reason you can’t do so. Basically, the bottom line comes down to where you’re at and what you expect out of your home. If you plan to resell or decorate boldly, neutral colors are best. If you’re in your home for good, the sky’s the limit!