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Part 1 – National Sweet Vidalia onion Month, also Salad Month and Salsa Month.

by CustomHomes on Tuesday, May 3, 2016


WowSweet Vidalia Onion

Vidalia onions are wonderful onions for everything from light and lovely salads to hearty stews. Onions, however, can be great for ailments as well. If you have a congested chest sauté onions with a little olive oil and keep half in the pain for dinner and put the other half on a paper towel and place it onto your bare chest for about ten to 15 minutes. This will help warm your chest and hopefully loosen the mucus. After you 15 minutes discard the onions in your trash or compost pile. Once you’re feeling better I suggest mixing the onions with other veggies or in a French onion soup. Yum!


Salads are delicious and can be very cool but filling in the summer. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite salads.

Strawberry and Walnut Salad with Meyer Lemon Dressing


Salad Mix

3 C spinach

1 head of romain (chopped)

¼ walnuts (candied optional)

½ C strawberries


¼ Vidalia onions

¼ C purple cabbage


Cherry tomatoes

Grapes (optional)



Chop and mix salad to your preference.



1/2 C (about 3 Lemons) Meyer lemon juice

1 C olive oil

1/4 C champagne vinegar

1 large or 1 T shallot – minced

1 clove garlic – minced

1 t Dijon mustard

1/2 t sea salt

Dash black pepper



Mix contents and keep in fridge.


Salsa can be a wonderful way to add fresh veggies to your diet during the spring and summer. Luckily if you fall in love with a salsa they are often easy to prepare and freeze well so you can have it all year round. Here is one of my favorite salsas.

Cilantro and Lime Salsa

¼ Vidalia onion

½ T cilantro

1 lime

1 half cucumber

1 t hot sauce

¼ C taco spices (dash of garlic granules, paprika, chives, and chili powder)

Cube cut Vidalia onions and half of cucumber. Place contents in a bowl. Cut lime and squeeze juice into the bowl containing onions and cucumber. Place ½ tablespoon of cilantro into bowl. Mix and add hot sauce and taco spices. Add pinch of kosher salt for taste if you wish.

Let mix chill over night and mix before serving with chips or dish.


Vidalia onions are tasty and can be placed in a plethora of different recipes. Vidalias are sweet and can adopt different flavors while still showcasing their own. Here’s a tasty Salad Recipe that uses sweet Vidalia onions!

Asian Cucumber Salad

1 large cucumber

1/4 sweet Vidalia onion

1 T of toasted sesame seeds

1/3 cup of rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoon of fresh dill minced

3/4 teaspoon of kosher salt

Slice cucumbers and onions as thin as possible (with mandolin or by hand). Add to bowl with dill, salt, sesame seeds, and rice wine vinegar. Mix well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes.




+Ken Uhrich is lead Estimator and Purchaser at Custom Home Group, a Design/Build company, located in Lancaster County, PA. You can follow Ken on Twitter: @kuhrich Or visit his company website: www.customhomegroup.com