The Perfect Porch for a Luxury Home

May 8, 2014

When considering an addition to your home, you have a variety of options available to you. You could have a shed or secondary garage built, a patio, a gazebo, or even a whole wing added to your home. You are, in part, limited by the geography and space available to you, while your budget presents a secondary limitation that is very important to pay attention to; after all, going into debt to build an extra wing may, in time, see like a waste of money if that wing goes un-used.

What Makes an Addition Right For You?

When deciding on what kind of addition you’d like to make to your home, you need to consider just how much time you think you’ll spend using that addition. While a shed or whole wing might only see occasional use, an area that you can use to relax in is considerably more useful – because who doesn’t love to relax on their porch? Of course, one of the problems with your standard porch is that you are subject to the inclement weather that is outside, even when the temperature is great – a warm spring day on your porch can be ruined when it is raining or particularly rainy, for example.

With a screen to block excessive amounts of rain, wind, or even sun (a hot sunny day can be quite uncomfortable!) you can enjoy your porch at pretty much any point in the year, barring absolutely freezing weather. With the screen up and providing proper insulation, you can actually bring a space heater onto your screened-in porch and enjoy some warmth on your porch in the midst of cold weather.

The Advantages of a Screen

The porch is perhaps the signature architectural feature of American homes, what with our tradition of porch parties, enjoying barbecues and other spring/summer meals on the porch, and watching the sunset on our porch in the evening. Although we are increasingly spending quite a bit of our free time in front of a screen – be it computer or television screen – we still find time to enjoy some peace and quiet on our porches.

Of course, most porches look the same – a swing, some chairs that are suited to the outdoors, and so on. A screened-in porch offers an opportunity to have more diverse furniture and other décor, however, as it is protected from the climate and therefore able to house furniture, lighting, area rugs, and other vibrant, interesting, and signature pieces that can make our porch your own while offering comfort, style, and relaxation to anyone on your porch. With a screened in porch, you can have all that and more.