3 Popular Amenities for Custom Homes

September 22, 2016

Custom homes offer endless possibilities for new plans, ideas, and décor. Here are a few of the most popular custom home amenities in the U.S. This may give you some inspiration for your new home or help you find new ways to make your existing home perfect for you.

Laundry Chutes

Laundry chutes have been used for hundreds of years in large homes and elaborate mansions. Now laundry chutes are popular in modern homes because they are simple, quick, and can keep your home organized and clean. Laundry chutes are long vertical tunnels that are installed in the walls of a home that travel from bedrooms, guestrooms, and bathrooms to the laundry room. These are used to send dirty clothing down to the laundry room quickly and easily. This way you will no longer have to climb stairs with solid laundry and can carry small loads to the different rooms in your home as needed.


Mudrooms are not exactly what they sound like. They are the entryway into your home where coats, shoes, bags, and, well, a little mud stay so the rest of your home can stay clean and beautiful. These can be just as inviting as a foyer or any other entryway but often have cubbies and space for you to keep coats, shoes, boots, and everything in between. Good planning early on can help keep your mudroom organized. If you think a mudroom would be perfect for your future custom home, be sure to talk to your contractor and decide on the floor plan and storage additions that are ideal for you.

Smart Thermostat

Temperature control in any home is incredibly important for your comfort and the life of your home. Without accurate temperature control, your home can accrue mold, moisture, and other particles that can harm or damage the structure of the home. Smart thermostats help you create a comfortable, safe, and well-regulated temperature in your home. A smart thermostat can be scheduled ahead of time, find the perfect temperature for a room, or adjust depending on who is in the room at that time. These can also warn you when there is high or low humidity in the home and what you can do about it.

What else do you think should be included in our popular amenities list?