Popular March 2017 Colors

March 16, 2017

As we look forward to spring, it may be time to add a new splash of color (or several splashes) to your home to make your living space feel fresh and clean. Here are some of the top colors for the year 2017. See what you think, experiment within your home, and fall in love with new pigments and textures.

Dusky Blue

Dusky blue is an almost indigo color that is rich and calming. The velvety texture of the paint can create an open and fresh feeling to your living room, bedroom, or even your guest room. If you have a smaller home or smaller rooms you may want to consider using dusky blue as an accent wall only. Otherwise, it can make the room darker and feel a bit smaller. Or you can always put the shade on the ceiling to create a modern and fresh look.

Earthy Green (often with Taupe)

Earthy green with taupe accents can create a warm, comfortable aesthetic to any room. If your style is rustic or country this can be the perfect answer to bold colors or a boring white. Just be sure that the greens and taupe have similar undertones. This will help keep your room or rooms calming and comfortable.

Dusted Yellow

This yellow will remain mellow with time but will not look ruddy or bland depending on the accent colors you choose or the decorations you have. Darker blues or whites can create a stunning and open feeling with this yellow and rosy pinks and muted greens can bring comfort and style to many rooms. If you decide to go with the dusted yellow we suggest matte instead of glossy. This will mesh better with accents.

Stone White

Stone white has beautiful gray undertones that give it a timeless and elegant look on any walls. This can be used as a main paint or to work with other colors and textures. While we love accent walls we suggest using stone white as a primary wall color. This will keep the rooms in your home open and bright.


This light and delicate color goes with many colors and textures without becoming overwhelming or intimidating. If you decide to use this shade be sure to have it accented with a darker color like slate or charcoal. Or you can go glam and try gold!