What to Consider When Positioning Your Custom Home

April 14, 2015

Your home is not just where you live, but it is also an investment; after all, haven’t we been told for years now that that best, safest, and most lucrative investment that an American can make is in American real estate? If you believe that, then you believe that when having your custom home built, you want it to be as appealing as possible so that if or when you decide to sell it, you will be able to do so as a premium price. One of the most important choices you can make in ensuring your home is easily sold in the future is a choice that will also impact your quality of life while living there: the position of your home on your property.

Appearance and Presentation

First and foremost, you want your home to be visible from the road or street that it is on. This isn’t a matter of vanity; this is a matter of advertising. If someone is looking to purchase a new home, they aren’t going to drive around the area trying to find the best angle to get a clear look at your home; they’ll want to be able to get as full a view as possible from the road as they are passing by. That is what will catch the homebuyer’s interest, and that is the first step on the long road to selling your home. Positing your landscape so that it creates a welcome, manicured, beautiful frame for your house is also critical to the success of your home’s future sale; create an inviting, not foreboding, appearance and you will go far!

Small Things

Smaller things will also make your home more comfortable. For example, where is the sun coming in? How many windows and doors are facing that direction? If you want to take advantage of the natural heat of the sun, then try to make sure that as much as possible can reach indoors; on the other hand, if you want to try to maintain a shadier, cooler environment in your home, then you should ensure that most of your doors and windows do not directly face the rising and/or setting sun. You might also consider where the wind and other elements will primarily be coming from, so as to protect your home against damages!

Let There Be Light

First comes light. If you’re like most people, then light and lighting is arguably one of the most important aspects of your house, one that affects mood, look, and practically every element of your aesthetic design from room layout to choice in color palette. This includes where you are placing your indoor and outdoor lighting as, obviously, this impacts how light interacts with you and your home during the nighttime, but consider also that lighting is important during the day as well, during which time your lighting primarily comes from the sun. Thus, determining whether or not you want a north-sound facing house, so that it will be relatively dark, or an east-west facing house, for maximum natural sunlight, is an important choice to make, and in fact one that will impact the rest of your decisions regarding your home’s placement.

The Right to Privacy

You also need to keep in mind how you want your landscape to interact with your house – or not interact, as it were. Depending on the placement of trees, bushes, hills, embankments, and so on, you can actually have a considerable amount of privacy on your property and in your home. On the other hand, you might want a more “open,” sunny space, in which case privacy won’t be something you enjoy very often. This comes down to personal preference as well as how populated your immediate area is, but it is certainly worth considering when looking at your layout as a whole.

There are, of course, other things to consider in your home’s positioning, including any restrictions placed on your home and property based on neighborhood or municipal requirements, or just the physical limitations of your plot. Most of this can be worked on within the legal confines of your property and your architect’s creativity, but that means open communication and a willingness to get creative yourself!