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Potato Leek Soup: Soup For The Soul In the Cold Winter Months

by Kuhrich on Thursday, December 5, 2013

Comfort Foods — just speaking the words can bring a smile to your face, and conjure up a vision of happy childhood times. It’s an iconic human experience, the way that mention of certain foods prompts an almost physical reaction, and forms a compelling reason to recreate certain experiences.

Everyone, it seems, has a favorite comfort food: Macaroni & cheese, warm chocolate chip cookies and cold milk, soft scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns, grilled cheese sandwiches, cinnamon toast, tuna casserole and apple pie. Not so surprisingly, acknowledged comfort foods have a distinctly regional flavor and an ethnic aspect as well, but soups frequently appear on lists of favorite comfort foods.

Home and Hearth

Winter is, of course, is a perfect time to cook favorite foods, to gather with the family in the kitchen or around the hearth of your custom home and build some lasting memories.

Soups or stews can simmer on the stove to provide good tastes and great scents, and quick recipes can make fast work of simple, hearty meals. It’s your choice.

Here’s a simple, no-fuss recipe for Potato Leek Soup that can be served in steaming mugs after a day outdoors, or in large bowls with crusty French bread for dinner in front of the fire. It’s a classic peasant recipe, with nothing fancy in it, and it’s true comfort food — hearty, healthy and delicious.

Simple Ingredients

The best thing about cooking comfort food is that it has myriad local and familial variations; there is no one “right way” to prepare any of the favorites. This recipe is very French. As such, it can be adapted and customized by the addition of almost any other ingredient available in your kitchen, such as some cream, a little white wine or brandy; even some sausage or fresh spinach.

The basics, of course, are fresh potatoes, fresh leeks, sufficient salt and pepper to season it well, some green herbs, and just a little bit of time. From beginning to end, the soup can take as little as about 30 minutes. Or, you could make it early in the day and simply reheat it for serving.


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