Pros and Cons of Heated (Under Tile) Floor Mats

August 26, 2013

Thinking of adding underfloor heating, such as tile floor mats to your new custom home? There are many pros and cons of this type of heated floor; read on and decide if this is the right way to go for your new home.

Underfloor heating is wonderful for those cold winter mornings, especially in the bathroom, when you just do not want to jump out of a warm shower onto a cold floor. Of course, the floor can be cold at any time of year, so having a heated floor mat under your tile is a great comfort all year round.

Pros of Heated Floor Mats

The pros of a heated floor are numerous. For one, if you are just building your new home, it can be installed while the house is in construction, with no change in the lines of your new flooring–and no delay in your home’s construction dates.

Additionally, when you are thinking of custom homes, this is one of the finishing touches that can really bring your new construction together. This is one amenity that will have your friends and family jealous.

Another bonus is that a heated floor, comprised of under tile floor mats, is a relatively inexpensive addition. The floor can retain heat up to 95 degrees, really keeping you warm in cold months. The floor can save you money, too, as it eliminates any need for a space heater.

Cons of Heated Floor Mats

There are, of course, always a few cons when dealing with extras that can be added to a custom home. It is an added expense, and if you already near, or at, your budget, it might not be one that you cannot live without.

If you are not building a new home, and are thinking of upgrading your current address, there is a bit more work to install the flooring and thermostat. It is not quite as seamless as installing in a home that is just being built.

The under tile system heats only the floor, not the room, so that’s something to keep in mind, too. And finally, these under tile floor mats are for tile, not vinyl, carpet or wood–they do not conduct heat well under these surfaces.

So, is the under tile floor mat right for you and your custom home?