Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

December 3, 2013

You can search far and wide for interior decorating options without finding any that provide a more pleasing aesthetic along with better strength than granite. This rich, multifaceted stone can be utilized in both kitchens and bathrooms to great effect, but like many things in life, the benefits of granite do not come without drawbacks as well. What should you consider when choosing between granite and other countertop surfaces? Here are the pros and cons of granite countertops to help you decide:

Pros of Granite Countertops

Quarries from all over the planet produce the commercial grade granite used in home decor. This stone, produced deep in the Earth’s crust, develops its own unique shape and coloration under differing conditions of pressure and heat. As such, you can choose a pink granite hue to match a bright room, a dark blue granite to meld with a serious coloration, or a neutral tone whenever you need a countertop that does its job first and gets attention afterward. With the various colors available, you can easily match the countertops to the color of the cabinets, flooring or carpeting, or window coverings. Since this stone has survived Earth’s intense pressure, furthermore, it can take an assault from family members and pets without blinking and suffers very little from wear and tear once properly sealed.

Cons of Granite Countertops

For most consumers, the largest drawback to a granite countertop comes in the final price. With a cost in square feet of anywhere between $50 and $100, you may have to pay out several times more for granite than you would for linoleum. Since it is stone, furthermore, it weighs much more than its composite counterparts, and a weak structure beneath it should not be counted upon to bear its weight. Finally, improper sealing or poor balance can leave a granite countertop susceptible to cracking or staining: spilling a glass of wine on an unsealed slab of granite may leave a stain that cannot be removed. This sealing must be applied annually.

The Bottom Line

How much do you value the unrivaled aesthetic of granite? If you lean towards a certain look instead of a certain budget mark, granite certainly is the surface for you. When you want to save money, however, you may want another material.