Rain Barrels: Once an Eyesore, Now a Design Piece

October 15, 2013
Rain barrels are a necessity for any garden area.  Those homeowners who are into the recycling of materials and water realize how useful these are to vegetable and flower gardens. Rain harvesting through rain barrels help to conserve drinking water by recycling rain water-to-water plants and flowers.

Conserve Water

They also help to lower the cost of water bills. These barrels help to conserve well water for the homeowner who lives in the country. They are nothing but a large plastic or aluminum garbage can. The lid has a hole drilled through the top where a downspout enters into to catch runoff rainwater. The barrel collects water to irrigate garden areas. These rain barrels have a spigot at the bottom enabling attachment of a hose. The spigot has an on and off function to allow the water to be used.

Plenty of Options

There are plenty of free instructions available along with a list of materials needed to construct an attractive rain barrel. Homeowners can also purchase readymade kits at home improvement stores. Plus, there are plenty of decorating tips and instructions about ways in which to make these rain barrels attractive additions to any garden or yard. This can save the homeowner money.

Home improvement stores have unusual and now very attractive options for sale. These manufactured versions come in different materials and colors such as terracotta, resin, bamboo and recycled plastic.

Various Uses

Some options are built to hold strawberry plants or vines and ivy plants in the top and look like large planters. Some look like a big rock in a garden with a spigot at the bottom.

Homemade and pre-constructed rain barrels are at least 55 gallon or larger containers. Some barrels are less than 50 gallons. Some homeowners incorporate them with the home’s gutter system while other homeowners prefer to allow the barrels to sit in the yard and collect rainwater. The downfall to this is that, without a suitable top, the water can also collect bugs and mosquitoes, which contaminates it.

Rain barrels no longer have to be a garden or yard eyesore and can be an added attractive addition for homeowners.