5 Reasons Basement Renovations are a Good Idea

November 20, 2017

Let’s be honest, basements are often neglected. They become little more than storage space in otherwise gorgeous homes. Maybe basements sit forgotten because they require a little more TLC than other rooms. After all, they tend to be more damp, and sometimes contain spiders. Don’t let your basement fall into decay! They have so much potential, and can fulfill the needs the rest of your house just can’t. Here are five reasons basement renovations are a good idea:

Extra Space

Looking to add a new room to your home? Why pay for the extensive – and expensive – construction process when you can make the best of what you already have! Too often basements are left to the wayside and people end up spending more money than they need to on lengthy projects from scratch. Basement renovations require some specific work on aboveground rooms, but not nearly as much as completely new home addition.

Increase Value of Home

An unfinished basement rarely holds appeal for prospective buyers. However, your pool of interested homeowners will grow significantly with a renovated basement. Not only will you increase the amount of interested buyers, but also the value of your home as well.

Save On Energy Bills

Unfinished basements can be an energy drain due to their lack of insulation. Having a room that siphons the heat or air conditioning from other rooms requires much more energy overall. It may be in small increments, but it adds up over time. A renovated basement with proper insulation, however, contributes to maintaining a moderate temperature in your home by reducing energy inefficiencies and air leaks.

Guest and Rental Room

Once properly renovated, a basement is the perfect place to put a guest room. It’s quiet and isolated so your guests will have the privacy they need. Even more advantageous, the potential to rent out this extra room becomes available. Renters will appreciate the added privacy, and it’s an easy way to receive some extra income.

Entertainment Space

With the fantastic acoustics underground, a basement is a great place for a personal theater or general entertainment room. There is even the added benefit of not having to worry about disturbing others.

There are yet more reasons to renovate your basement, so consider if this is something for you. It’s a long-term project, but well worth the effort. If you’re building out plans for a custom home, get ahead by starting out with a finished basement.