Recessed Lighting: Your Path to Curb Appeal

March 17, 2015

There are many ways to attract attention to your home, from improving the landscaping to working on the color scheme to keeping your home’s appearance up with the latest and hottest trends in housing today. Yet sometimes, you can’t beat the basics, and in this case, the “basics” is a simple case of better lighting. You see it just about everywhere that someone wants to sell you something: lighting is critical to drawing the customer in and helping them to get a better look at what you’re selling. Better yet, lighting, when properly positioned, can improve the product’s appearance beyond what normal sunlight can do. All of this is true of a home that you are attempting to sell!

The Potential Buyer

Your home’s attractiveness to buyers is what is called “curb appeal,” and it is a critical part of how the housing market works. By drawing in potential buyers, you complete the first and most important step in the sales process: piquing the customer’s interest. From there, things are considerably easy, but first you have to actually catch their attention! Increasing curb appeal is exactly how you do this, and outdoor recessed lighting has become a great way to do this.

Recessed Lighting

There are many ways that you can use recessed lighting to increase curb appeal. It minimizes light pollution in the area by focusing the light on your home, not on the surrounding area; this, in turn, allows for your home’s details to come into stark relief for the viewer while not utterly blinding them with the sheer amount of lighting fixtures you are using.

Recessed lighting can be used to cast a spotlight on elements of the landscape that are particularly beautiful, to light up a water element, or to draw the viewer across the lawn, onto the sidewalk, and up to the front door – creating an imaginary journey to the home, one that is more likely to end in a sale! Light can play tricks on your eyes and imagination – don’t hesitate to use that and anything else that you can to increase your home’s curb appeal! In today’s market, you’ll want everything you can get!