Refresh Your Home Decor For Spring

May 9, 2017

Spring has arrived at last, which means it’s out with the winter decoration, and in with the spring! Spring means it is time to replace the cool hues of the colder season, with the vibrant ones that celebrate the return of flowers and the bright sun. Below are just a couple of ideas that can be used to spruce your home up and make it look more lively for the season.

Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers can be a simple way to spruce up a home, but they can be a little difficult to manage especially when they start wilting. Terrariums help plants to grow, keep them in a cozy and neat enclosed space, can be moved around easily, and act as beautiful decor in themselves.


Replace your curtains and part them. It’s amazing what difference sunlight can make to a room, especially after having been deprived of it for so long during this extended winter. Sunlight brings out the color in your room and can rejuvenate you and your guests by banishing that seasonal depression. Curtains can be expensive, but an easy way to make something new is to buy stencils and fabric paint to redecorate them on your own.


In regards to lights, cleaning windows, mirrors, and light fixtures will aid in making said light look as bright and clean as ever. Dirty lights will give off unequally muggy air which in turn will bring down the mood and take away from your decoration.


Using the color green in various hues is eye-catching, and stands out as being the thing we’ve been missing through all the cold seasons. As the world outside comes alive with green, bring life to your home with it as well. Citrus colors as a whole are greatly recommended to give it that truly vibrant feel.

Spring Cleaning

While dreaded, spring cleaning is always worth the effort. Moving your furniture around, getting to all those spots you could before, it can all have an effect even if we are not conscious of it. Even in our own bedrooms, different positioning can feel like a brand new start, and that’s what every new year should be.

If you have a screen door, keep your regular door open to let in a healthy breeze and keep the bugs out. New air circulating through your home will keep you upbeat, and the sound of the outdoors will lend to the ambiance.

When it comes to spring, think of light, color, and energy. These three things will give you the fervor needed to jump into the start of the warm season and make you enjoy your home just as much as you do the outside world.