Practical Mudroom Lockers in Your Home

December 4, 2014

The mudroom is the messy-if-practical alternative to the standard foyer and sees quite a bit of use in suburban and rural homes. After all, it’s messy out there; in non-urban settings, foot traffic involves mud, plant matter, and more all being tracked into your home, and if your home is not prepared to receive that traffic, and that mess, in an efficient manner, it can create a giant problem for you in the foyer area as you struggle to keep the area clean, neat, and organized.

Battling Clutter

As part of that continuing battle to keep your home clear of clutter and to help it stay clean, many mud rooms are now featuring built-in lockers to be used to store one’s belongings in the space between outside and inside. For example, one’s boots might be kept in a locker, or one’s coat, or one’s gloves and hat and scarf, and other sundry belongings. This allows for these items, some of which can come with quite a bit of dirt and detritus, to be safely and cleanly stored in a single location where everyone will know where it is. As you can imagine, this helps cut down on losing where things are; your keys, your coat, and what have you are all where they belong: in your mudroom locker.

Customizing Your Mudroom

The mudroom locker can look a number of different ways; you can go for the classic locker look, or go with wood or even stone. They can look more like cubbies in the case of the latter material; in fact, locker is more of a figurative term here, as you probably aren’t worried about locking away your boots or hat in your mudroom, though in a commercial setting it makes sense to do exactly that. It’s up to you what shape your lockers will take in your mudroom, but you can’t deny just how many problems it solves to have them there, keeping the entrance to your home clean, organized, and clear!