How to Save Money on Heating This Winter

November 20, 2014

The changing seasons provide us with a wonderful change of pace – new wardrobe, new things to do outside and in, new holidays, new weather, and so on. However, they also require us to adapt, as we have been doing for years, centuries, and millennia. In your particular case, this means looking towards how your home copes with the cold weather or winter, including the rain, snow, winds, and freezing temperatures that accompanies those weather patterns. If you simply blast your heat and expect that to take care of your problem, you’re doomed to pay quite a bit this season in heating and energy bills, and unnecessarily so at that. Instead, why not pursue some more efficient heating methods to save yourself money as well as save the environment form an increased carbon footprint?

1. Look to Your Windows First

First of all, let the sun coming through your windows in the daytime help heat your home. Don’t drop your curtain or blinds when perfectly good sunlight could be coming in to heat your home. On the other hand, make certain that you do cover up drafty windows that can let too much cold air into your home; some sunlight won’t be enough to balance out a window that just lets the outside, inside.

2. Look to Your Home’s Temperature

While you’re awake you should set your thermostat to as low as it can be while still allowing you and your family to feel comfortable. While you’re asleep, however, you should turn your thermostat back down to 10 or 15 degrees to save on your bills. If you’re having trouble maintaining heat in the daytime, track down any leaks in your home and seal them.

3. Take Care of your Heating System

An inefficient heating system can drain your wallet faster than anything, and that is often due to your heating system requiring overdue maintenance. It’s a machine like any other, and will break from time to time; do yourself a favor and have it seen to before you really need it! If you want something a little simpler, try a fireplace instead!