5 Spring Cleaning Tips for a Tidier Home

February 23, 2017

Spring is just getting started, and that means many homeowners are gearing up for a major spring cleaning. After being cooped up all winter, things tend to start getting a little messy. To get a jump start on your own cleaning, here are five quick spring cleaning tips to make things a little easier:

Less Stuff = Less Cleaning

Clutter seems to gather more easily over the winter, which leads to tons of tedious organizing later on once spring comes. If you don’t have things that can accumulate, though, then you don’t have to clean them! We’re not talking about getting rid of too much, but you may find some of our organization tips helpful for lightening your future cleaning loads.

Keep the Dirt Outside

Another tip to file under preventive measures; stop the dirt from coming inside in the first place! Clean your welcome mats to ensure that they keep the maximum amount of dirt outside. Consider getting a more heavy duty mat, or one for both sides of your door if you don’t already have them. Heavier materials tend to keep more mud outside and off of your kitchen floor.

Filters and Vents

Often overlooked, cleaning your filters and HVAC vents can help reduce the amount of dusting that you have to do year round. Typically these filters will catch small debris and dust that might have gotten into your vents, but if they are overly dirty, those particles can pop right out. This causes extra dust to accumulate on your surfaces and floors, and more allergens in the air of your home.

First is the Worst

If you are still a few weeks out from the bulk of your spring cleaning, consider doing the worst parts right now. Getting your least favorite tasks out of the way early can help you stay motivated during your longer cleaning tasks. Plus, you’ll get rid of any dread you might be harboring. Dirty bathrooms, that spill at the back of the freezer, whatever year-round maintenance you’re dreading – handle them now so your future self doesn’t have to.

Keep a Cleaning Schedule

Keeping a small cleaning schedule now pays off tenfold in the future. You don’t have to clean your entire home at once, but planning a small task that takes maybe 15 minutes each day will drastically reduce the amount of work you will have to do during your larger house cleanings.

We hope these tips will help you to get through your spring cleaning unscathed!