5 Ideas for Staircase Storage

August 4, 2017

It often goes unnoticed just how much space we have beneath the stairs. Stairs occupy a large space within our home, and they can double as storage space as well. Take a closer look at different ways in which you can transform your stairs into extra storage space both for the purposes of utility and decoration:


Have you ever considered turning the area beneath your stairs into a mini office? This is more plausible than it may sound if your stairs are tall and straight enough. A desk table could fit perfectly against the wall, and this will give you plenty of space to store any office supplies you may need. Set up your computer, add a desk with plenty of cabinets and shelves, and you will be ready to go!

Built-in, Pull-Out Shelving and Cabinets

Reconstruct the area beneath your stairs to have built-in cabinets that can pull out. You can stack many upon each other in a pyramid fashion, and label each to keep everything nice and organized. You can even paint these cabinets to depict a beautiful mural or landscape to add a little color to your home.

Wine Cellar

Turn this space into a wine cellar. If this area is already open, then it is a fairly simple procedure to install wine shelves. Not only is it an easily accessible space, but it makes for an impressive display to show off to your guests.

Extra Closet Space

If you have stairs that are located near the entrance of your home, then they would be perfect for creating some closets. Guests and members of your family can hang their coats, purses, and umbrellas in this space. Keep these closets thin and open so that you can fit multiples to accommodate as many guests as possible.


If your staircase is too narrow for any of these options, another potential use for them is a bookshelf. Not only is this something that can be done with any straight staircase, but it is also rather simple to make as it only requires shelves. Now you have extra space to put all those books that you’ve been keeping in stacks, and what a beautiful display to boot!

The possibilities are truly endless. There are so many uses for the space beneath your stairs whether it be used as an area to keep your bikes, a little home for your pets, an art display, or a place to keep some entertainment systems. There are many more ideas to find out there and many that we are certain you can come up with yourself. Don’t be afraid to try some experimentation!