Which is Better – Street-Facing Garage Entrance or Side Entrance?

December 29, 2015

So you’re building a new house. Congratulations! There are a million things you will need to consider when designing your new house and working with those building. One decision you will need to make is if you will have a garage and if so, where are you going to put it? It will take up a large part of your property and needs to flow well with the rest of your home. Before committing to one format or beginning construction here are a few points to consider:

If Your Home Will be in the City

If you live in an urban area having a front facing garage may be best. Having your garage face the front makes it easier for you to park quickly and efficiently so you do not have to worry about tricky maneuvering to enter or leave your home. A front-facing garage can also be used as a buffer from the noise and light pollution. That way you can live in a city that has fro-yo at three a.m. but no fender bender arguments outside your window.

The drawback of a front-facing garage is that you may not have the most architecturally attractive front view of your home. It may appear to be the biggest part of your home, which could distract a passerby from the beauty of your home.

If Your Home Will be in the Suburbs or Rural Areas

If you live in the suburbs or out in the boonies, a side garage can be a great way to show off your home but still have plenty of room for your cars and your families odds and ends. Since you do not need a buffer against light or noise you are able to have a little more room for creative planning. Having a side-entrance garage gives you the option of having a larger garage with a second floor, an indoor and outdoor entrance, and even additions for a man cave or craft room.

They can sometimes become more costly than front-facing garages because they can be larger and require more work to fit the home. They will make the whole of your home flow easily, however.

Ultimately, what is best for you and your family? Do you need a space that hushes outside sounds? Or do you want a home that can have more space a car or all-terrain vehicle that your family adores? Once you find out what works for your family you will be able to quickly make your decision.