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Summer Maintenance Part Two

by CustomHomes on Tuesday, July 26, 2016


BackyardMaking your summer memorable takes more than flip-flops and a few tiny umbrellas. You need to keep your garden, home, and car in good shape so you can enjoy the summer in comfort. Here are a few helpful tips about summer maintenance.

Update Outdoor Furniture

For many pieces of outdoor furniture the winter is a harsh and damaging time. If you left your patio furniture out all year it will probably need some updating or it may need to be replaced all together. If it just needs a fresh coat of paint or a new seat cover, however, you can create an afternoon project that will make your outdoor furniture look brand new. If you have wicker or wooden patio furniture be sure to refinish it every spring or summer to keep it looking fresh and strong. You should also perform a few stress tests so your guest will be safe when they sit down. Metal furniture requires less upkeep but can rust over time. If you find rust be sure to sand it down and reapply outdoor paint. This way you don’t have to worry about rust eating your patio furniture from the inside out. And if you do not bring covers in from the winter you will need to replace them. They are inexpensive if you go to a department store or outlet and can bring color and comfort right to your backyard.

Mix Compost

If you have a compost pile you will want to “stir” it periodically in the spring, summer, and fall. About once a month I take a shovel or pitch fork to my compost pile to mix it up and keep decomposition going. This will ensure wonderful dirt for the next spring and helps reduce my waste output. If you do not have a compost pile in your garden they are simple to start and take very little energy. You will need a barrel to keep in the kitchen, a walled off section (I used wood) and time. Create a section for the compost in your garden by making three walls with the wood. After that add some compost from your local gardening store (about $5), some newspaper strips, and plenty of worms. This will begin the process and make it easier to maintain the compost pile throughout the seasons. From there you add organic material to the compost and stir once a month. Before you know it you will have beautiful, nutritious dirt for your garden.

+Ken Uhrich is lead Estimator and Purchaser at Custom Home Group, a Design/Build company, located in Lancaster County, PA. You can follow Ken on Twitter: @kuhrich Or visit his company website: www.customhomegroup.com