The Butler’s Pantry: What Every House Wants Today

July 30, 2015

When you come home, you want a clean, organized space that you can feel some sense of order, control, and relaxation in. Unfortunately, your home is where you keep all of your stuff! That means that there are plenty of opportunities for your life to become frustrating cluttered. To avoid that, it often becomes necessary to identify those things which are cluttering your home and then cordon off spaces for them, areas where objects can be stored conveniently but effectively and efficiently. Some people choose to use their garage, their attic, and various closets for all of this, but this is just a way to put your belongings away for long-term storage more often than not; what about things that you immediately need every day, but which needn’t be out 24/7? Say, food, dishes, and so on? Well, for those particular items, there is the butler’s pantry.

Storage and Efficiency

No, a butler’s pantry is not exclusively for a butler; rather, it refers to the role this room played in a house once upon a time, when household butlers were far more common. The butler’s pantry is often a relatively small space, adjacent to or otherwise near the kitchen and dining areas, that uses a system of shelves and drawers to store dry goods and other foods, along with plates, glasses, silverware, and other need-to-have items for any meal, providing quick and easy access that does not interfere with what typically happens in a kitchen during such times, i.e., the cooking itself.

What Your Pantry Needs

Of course, it is all too easy for a butler’s pantry to itself become cluttered and disorganized, just as one’s garage or attic or basement can also become that way once it is used for storage; it is one of the great ironies of cleaning and ordering one’s house and home! Thus, a system for organizing your butler’s pantry is imperative if you’re to maintain order and efficiency in your kitchen and dining room. Shelving systems that are able to shift to meet the demands of your pantry, as well as other storage systems for those shelves, can help considerably. Remember, while a butler’s pantry is a great step towards keeping your home running smoothly, it’s up to you to help it stay that way!