Tips To Make A Productive and Comfortable Home Office

May 18, 2017

A messy, ugly, or uncomfortable workspace can be a huge deterrent to your work. If you do not feel at ease in your environment it is easy to feel restless, become distracted, or not put forth your best effort.

Even more so, spending long hours in a place or room that you do not like will add unnecessary stress that can affect other aspects of your life, and your happiness. That’s why it can be just as important to give the same attention to your workspace, as you would the rest of home.

Here are some tips for making a more productive and comfortable home office:

Avoid Too Much Decoration

As it is your home office, the temptation to decorate it with a lot of your interests will be great, but this will only serve to distract you. Remember that personal life and work should be kept at least somewhat divided.

Pay Close Attention to Lighting

Lighting is very important. If you work in the dark or in dim light then it will create a very dingy atmosphere that will bring your mood down, and thus, the quality of your work. Extended hours in such an environment can also affect your mood outside of work. Make sure to keep it bright and lit, and if you can have a window which you can open up for fresh air, that’s even better.

Get a Suitable Chair

The chair you will sit at while you work is the most important piece of furniture in this room. Back pain is notoriously high among Americans and can be felt late into your life if you do not take proper care of your back. This means finding a chair that is both comfortable and offers proper support. There are many sources online that can guide you to the different things to take into consideration when buying yourself a suitable chair.

Employ Proper Wire Management

Maintain proper wire management. This means not letting all the wires and cords for whatever technical equipment you might be using get tangled or lay bundled on the ground. It’s displeasing to the eye, a potential hazard, and makes it that much more difficult if you ever need to mood things or change your equipment.

Maintain Office Supply Inventory

Stock up on office supplies. The less that you need to distract yourself from running out and getting what you need, the better. Knowing that you have a surplus will keep your mind at ease.

Put Comfort at the Top of the List

Remember, above all, to prioritize comfort. Comfort will reduce stress, and make it easy for you to sink into your work readily.