Tips for Planning Your Home Library

February 16, 2017

It is every book lover and curio collector’s dream to have a room dedicated to their passion. Whether you are looking for a cozy nook lined with your favorite titles, a daunting office with bookcases that tower over your visitors, or your very own micro museum filled with things you have gathered on your travels, there is a home library out there for almost anyone. With some foresight, the home library of your dream isn’t that far from your reach. Check out these tips on what to keep in mind when you are planning your own home library.

Spaces and Shelves

With standard bookshelves, you are free to add or remove more furniture as your collection changes. A home library often comes with the additional challenge of being permanently affixed, making it far more difficult to change the amount of books your library can hold after the fact. When planning your shelves, be sure to consider how many books you may acquire in the future so that you have plenty of room for them.

Books Get Heavy

Most avid readers know that a stack of books can get heavy, and hundreds of them may cause some structural issues. If you are planning on having an unusually large or densely packed library, be sure to talk to your craftsman about the types of materials they are using to build your shelves. It may also be wise to refer to any weight limits in your building plans.

Don’t Forget Upkeep

Towering bookshelves may be beautiful, but unless you are okay with climbing up a ladder to clean them, you might consider keeping the height of your library to one story. Another big upkeep issue that you should keep an eye out for is organization. If you want to use strict Dewey decimal, it may be best to plan for a few empty space on each shelf so that you don’t find yourself rearranging your entire library each time you pick up some new books.

Furniture and Mood

When you think of your future home library, you probably have a certain aesthetic in mind, including chairs, lighting and all of the other bits that make your library feel like your own. It may be a good idea to acquire any furniture before beginning construction, as well as putting together any other ideas you may have. Giving your craftsman a solid vision of your dream library from the very beginning will go a long way towards creating the home library you have always wanted.