Top Garden Trends of 2017

June 21, 2017

Each new spring brings new ideas, visions, and materials to renovate your garden. Gardening is an art form, and there is no end to the possibilities! Design your garden to be beautiful and suit your needs.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the popular garden trends of 2017:

Using Natural Materials

Natural materials are comprised of DIY decor pieces and simplistic furniture. The choice is meant to give the garden an old-fashioned, as opposed to modern, look. Such pieces would include swings, small furniture, and handcrafted materials.

“Extreme Naturalism”

An extension of this is a look called “extreme naturalism”; in which furniture is even replaced by things like boulders, rocks, small ponds, and untouched hedges that give it a more “realistic” atmosphere. It replaces the perfectly hemmed and symmetrical looks of the past year.

Growing Food

There has been a significant increase in growing food in the backyard. This is a more difficult task, but can give your garden a quaint and unique look. Vegetables provide their own beauty with differing shapes and colors. Following this trend means you gain both beautiful scenery and food you can eat from raising your own miniature crops. Roughly 1 in 3 households now have “edible backyards” – a movement spearheaded by millennials,  that has aided in reducing food waste and nurturing the environment.


“Hyper-localism” refers to using plants found in your specific region, and materials purchased or procured locally. While it does not have a significant effect on the look of your plant, sourcing materials from your region can have a positive environmental impact. It lessens the carbon footprint made by the delivery of materials from outside the region.

Bright and Bold Colors

Bright and bold colors are flooding the market, and it’s no wonder why! There is loveliness to be found in the simple pastel colors of lighter colored flowers. Those in hues of oranges, reds, and vivid purples and yellows are attention-grabbing. It is difficult for people to ignore them, with how eye-catching they are, effectively making your garden one people won’t soon forget!

Statement Plants

Statement plants, also known as one-pot wonders, are just as their name suggests. Fill a giant pot with an eye-catching flower or plant of your choice. Picking a flower with bold colors will especially make this pot a statement! These will be sure to catch anyone’s eye and are much easier to maintain than many smaller plants scattered about.

Times are ever changing, so keep on the lookout for more trends. Remember, in the end, your garden is for you. With the right effort, you can be the one to start a new and innovative trend!