Track Lighting vs. Recessed Lighting in Your Home

January 20, 2015

One of the most important but largely overlooked features of your home is, of course, the lighting that you choose for each room. Yes, people don’t often admire your choice of lighting fixtures when they enter the room, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important; in fact, that makes it even more important, as choice of lighting exists in the background of a room’s aesthetic, informing one’s initial impression of a room as well as how comfortable one is there, how capable you are of accomplishing particular tasks there, and so on. These days, your choices for lighting go beyond lamps and sconces and other more traditional methods of lighting; instead, we see track lighting and recessed lighting coming into the home at a breakneck pace.

Track Lighting

Track lighting has several advantages that recessed lighting lacks. First and foremost, track lighting is not restricted by your ceiling and its initial placement in your ceiling, unlike recessed lighting; track lighting can be easily placed and moved about as you see fit. It’s perfect for rooms that have high ceilings and which, therefore, require large amounts of light to be shed from certain angles.

In fact, track lighting is highly adjustable, and can be dropped or raised using a stem and power extender; this allows you to change the lighting – and therefore, mood and feeling – of a room regularly. The ability to rotate track lighting allows for even greater flexibility of lighting! Track lighting is often most appropriate in those spaces where you need to be able to create maximum light in targeted spaces, such as in the kitchen, where certain areas see incredibly high use and therefore require plenty of light for careful and/or delicate work to be done in.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, on the other hand, is often more ideal for areas in which maximum lighting is not necessarily what you’re looking for. For example, in the bedroom you’re looking to create only enough light to read or enjoy the television by, not to light up a space for work or entertaining; recessed lighting is ideal for exactly that kind space.

Similarly, the living room is for entertaining and relaxing and, well, living – which we often want more relaxed lighting for. Recessed lighting, with its clean look, non-distracting level of light, and ability to form or dispel shadows depending on positioning, is ideal for exactly that!