Under Floor Heating: Necessity or Luxury?

March 10, 2015

The greatest wonder of the current age may simply be the high degree of comfort that we live in. Compared to the generations before us, we live in the lap of luxury, with water, food, climate control, safety, high-quality materials and goods, and more all available to us at incredibly affordable prices, and widely so at that. We don’t quite live in a post-scarcity society, but we’re certainly very close to it, all things considered.

In such a society, one’s home is often a reflection of the ease and comfort that one desires, as nothing is really out of reach. Even the smallest inconveniences can be taken care of with technological know-how, which is why the concept of under floor heating is catching on with homeowners across the nation.

Flooring for Under Floor Heating

Heated floor tiles work by having tiling laid over heating fixtures that essentially warm the tiles above them. Tile is a great material for this, as it absorbs – and releases – heat easier and far safer than other flooring materials. Carpeting would not be terribly safe for this kind of process, through carpeting also has the advantage of being a little warmer and easier on your feet in the morning, as compared to harder – if more aesthetically pleasing – flooring materials.

The Necessity of Luxury

As easy as it is to have under floor heating systems installed into your bathroom and beyond, it is worthwhile to stop and question the necessity of this. Why bother to have your floors heated? Couldn’t you just wear slippers, or even better, just learn to live with having cold floors? Does everything have to be perfectly calibrated for maximum comfort and ease in your home?

Well, the short answer is no, this is not a necessity; like many elements of the modern home, under floor heating is a luxury and a convenience, but one that you will be glad to have once you can make regular use of it, like your refrigerator or air conditioning; you wouldn’t want to go without those, yet they are not, strictly speaking, necessary. Under floor heating is just the same: convenient and useful!