Vessel Sinks – Great Design Feature for a Powder Room

May 14, 2013

When designing your custom home, you’ll probably spend a great deal of time envisioning the family room and planning the kitchen. However, one of the most overlooked rooms is also one of the most important. Every guest that stops by your home will visit the powder room. Don’t let your powder room pale in comparison to the rest of your home. Skipping the traditional sunken sink and opting for a vessel sink can add an instant wow factor to what could otherwise be a plain room. There’s nothing boring about a vessel sink and, for a variety of reasons, the powder room is the perfect place to try out this modern and unique design feature.

Create Storage

The downside to powder rooms, which are typically much small than a full bath even in a custom home, is the lack of storage. Though a powder room doesn’t need to house the accumulation of toiletries, makeup and first-aid supplies found in a master bath, it will need adequate storage for enough essentials and amenities to make your guests feel comfortable. Vessel sinks solve plenty of powder rook storage issues. Traditional sinks, which are nestled into and dip below the countertop, eat away at storage space below the sink. Vessel sinks, which reside solely above the countertop, free up much-needed space that can then be filled with other items.

Create Style

Powder rooms can sometimes be a challenge to decorate. Their relatively small space makes large artwork awkward. And, when furnishing your new home, you probably have better places to spend your decorating dollars. A vessel sink adds an instant focal point that is still functional. Plus, because a sink is a necessity, you can save your decorating budget for other areas.

Create Flexibility

Even the most beautiful and modern home will eventually need a bit of updating. Part of the beauty of vessels is that they are easily interchangeable. Replacing traditional sinks can often mean scrapping the entire counter, but because vessels rest on the counter and do not require large holes to be cut, they can simply be lifted and replaced. And, since they are available in nearly unlimited styles and colors, you will always be able to find a replacement that matches your new motif.