Why a Walk-In Pantry Is Great For Your Custom Home

November 13, 2014

Your home can include a number of features that you may not have seen in the past few years; indeed, we seemed to forget that a home can be more than just a kitchen, some bathrooms, a living room, and a bunch of bedrooms. That is the layout we most often see in the McMansions of suburban America, but it doesn’t have to be the design of your home. Instead, you can opt for some original, interesting, and most importantly, useful and utilitarian additions to your home’s design, such as the ever-relevant walk-in pantry.

More than just a Pantry

Your typical pantry is, of course, used for storage purposes, and you will likely use your pantry for exactly the same thing as well. Without adequate and easy-to-use and access storage, you’ll end up with a cluttered kitchen, and it will be considerably harder for you to cook and clean in there, which can end up impacting the health and happiness of your home; after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and how can your home be healthy if its heart isn’t?

Of course, you can fulfill all of your storage needs with a regular pantry. But, your options expand so much more with a walk-in pantry, especially if it’s on the larger side. You can increase efficiency and have more effective storage in a large walk-in pantry by building on the first floor, in a more centralized location, and including laundry. Several homes are now doing this and finding it much simpler, both in terms of physical location as well as what is done in the kitchen versus what is done with the wash.

From Walk-In Pantry to Home

Your pantry can also be a place where pots, pans, dishes, and various cooking utensils and appliances that are not regularly used can be brought out for special occasions. Holidays, parties, and the like can all be a great reason to bring such fun out of the pantry and into the home, but you want it somewhere accessible, clean, and easy-to-access, and where better than your walk-in pantry?